Banged in the Back Alley

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Banged in the Back Alley

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Cassie In The City

We are back with another hot babes that’s going to get her ass fucked in public. Her name is Cassie and this is her first scene here, but she did a hell of a job. She was going to work the other day when her car broke and ended stuck in this strange neighborhood. She tried fixing it herself but you can imagine how many things she knows about cars. She tried calling someone, but her phone battery was dead so she started asking strangers on the street to help her out. She tried talking with a few, but everyone was in a hurry and couldn’t help her. But she didn’t give up and she finally got someone to help her. He looked at it for a while and after changing a few things her engine started. When she asked him how much to pay him for his help,she found out that he did really want money. So they went to the closest street and she ended up sucking his cock for his good deed. If you like this you must visit the downblouse site for more hot scene. Enjoy it and see you next time!

Cassie in the City

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Public Big Ass Fuck

Hey guys! This time Cassie is our guest star and she sure loves getting her ass fucked in public. She had a flat tire and went to the nearest shop to fix. She was in such a hurry to get to work that she didn’t saw that bottle on the road. She was in a strange neighborhood and she stop at the first shop to get it done as soon as possible. But like I said earlier she was in a hurry and forgot her wallet home but she didn’t realize it until the guys finished their work with the tire.

She went to the mechanic that helped her and told him about her little problem. He understood her but he still needed something in return for his work. This isn’t the first time she fucked for services and it’s worked before so why not try it out now as well. The curvy blonde went in their inside court and got it done. She got his hard cock stuffed in her pussy for a flat tire. The mechanic was more that happy with their bargain. If you want to see more public fuck scene you can take a look at  for more updates. Enjoy it!

Cassie in the City

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